$3 Profit
BELong Stock
Entry comments: Wanted to get this at 5.90, of course it pulls back as soon as I enter. Was on Bohen's list a couple of weeks ago and finally pulled back to a support level I'm comfortable entering, but have to be careful cause overall market is falling.

Exit comments:Little bummed sold @ 6.035 but was right move as pulled back. Had chance to sell @ 6.12. This is example of why good to sell into strength. Had voice in my head saying "take profits". This is a slow mover, so can’t expect a lot. Always shooting for at least 7.5%+. Easy to manage slow mover while @ work. I set "lossless" stop @ 5.95 in case b/d. I gave to 12:30pish, no upward trend, so exited before more downside. Didn’t want to hold o/n as overall market shaky.