$574 Profit
SOLYLong Stock
Entry comments: On back burner watchlist. Recent runner, played 2 times this week; 8 & 9 Jul. 10 Jul, news hit pre-market, stock remained consolidated along VWAP, closed green. 11 Jul, looked for gap/crap VWAP B/O. Enter @ B/O above open @ 1016 w/225 shares, VWAP as risk 17.54. Closed green, new Risk VWAP 20.54. Taking risk of gap down next day; PDT caution. If larger position, would have sold for partial profit.

Exit comments:12 Jul, gap down past risk, exit 0931 @ 20.36. Didn't pay attention to previous knowledge & notes bout known dilution & "hoped" it would continue upward due to something like "short squeeze," etc. Should've gotten out.....would call it greedy! That was also due to having no TARGET! Not a complete plan & didn't realize it until now.