$1,550 Profit
TMPSLong Stock
Entry comments: I bought this speculative contract winner that's been holding its big 200%+ gains all day due to this contract win that's on the government's website https://tim.ly/2KXQMVG for a big deal and this SEC filing shows https://tim.ly/2GvPLyy that TriStar is their subsidiary...I'm sure they'll screw up this contract somehow in the long run, but this could run for 1-2 days as this seemingly solid news spreads, FIRST GREEN DAY SKETCHY OTC PATTERN, goal is to make 10-20% on gap up/morning spike tomorrow

Exit comments:PERFECT FIRST GREEN DAY GAP UP SO I'M TAKING SOLID PROFITS! This is best case scenario so I won't get greedy no matter how much more it spikes, making 40% overnight on my play here is just plain awesome!