$394 Profit
XGTILong Stock
Entry comments: Dip bought this new contract winner on news of a military deal http://tim.ly/1LxBKwG probably a small deal but this stock is such a low market cap company, it can run on ANY deal, but as I wanted in chat, don't chase this at .77-.78 potential day high breakout as this is choppy and thats why I'm buying on a 10% dip, goal is to sell at those same .77-.78 highs tomorrow, maybe it breaks out to the .80s, but not much more...thats why I had to be so careful with my entry, video coming tonight

Exit comments:Nice and easy overnight win of a few hundred bucks on just a $3,500 position, it might spike more, but this isn't a great pattern so I'm playing it very conservatively...video coming later today explaining why it was good to buy at .70-.72 not .77-.78, successful trading is not just about the profits/losses, it's about taking trades with solid risk/reward