$1,430 Profit
TSRILong Stock
Entry comments: VERY SPECULATIVE TRADE: Buying day 1 of this new promotion by https://twitter.com/Oraclepicks past promos CLRX, LIVE, HMNY have lasted several days, GREAT video coming goal is to sell in the low to mid 5s, DON'T CHASE this illiquid stock, I'm buying on a big dip off the day high near multi-month support at 4.85

Exit comments:Sold remaining shares into morning gap up caused by a BS analyst report...ALL PREDICTED BEFORE I EVER TRADED THE STOCK IN THIS VIDEO http://tim.ly/findingplays now 5.56 it just keeps spiking but I'll take my 50 cents/share profit and go, this is a GREAT trade, congrats to all longs, remember to lock in profits as while this might spike a bit more, it'll make for an even better short soon :)