$7,887 Profit
MIMVLong Stock
Entry comments: Their mobile app deal with MSFT that should be detailed in their 10-Q SEC filing likely out tomorrow or Wednesday (as in years past). It spiked to 70 cents/share when the deal was announced in Sept & while I don't think it'll spike that high here, it should retest 2-week high of 42 cents (20% gain) & it could retest October's highs of 56 cents (60% gain) if we get MSFT deal details, risk is 5 cents/share on the downside, tons of pumpers should help too, also bought some in my longterm account

Exit comments:Sold my short-term position for solid $7500 total profit, still holding my longterm position, just a great great uptrend...perfect prediction for 20% win, congrats everyone, probly goes more too, I might rebuy but I like locking in profits